Award Availability

Lately we have been getting an increased number of award requests for travels to Asia and Australia.
Some pointers for the folks which will help us both understand the requests better.
Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. I cannot stress that enough. The more flexible you are the better the chances to get the desired seats and cabin space BUT
date/time is also critical.
If you want to travel to Australia and letting us know a month or two before the travel date, it is very highly likely that award space is gone.
Smart folks usually book Australia awards 330+ days out. Of course nothing is confirmed and award space can appear anytime but during the peak travel season it’s highly unlikely.
Also individuals and families who want to travel on Cathay Pacific First Class need to know that Cathay has retired their 747s and the First Class space has gone down from 9 to 6 seats on their Boeing 777-300ERs. Usually 2 or more seats are opened few days or weeks before travel but of course there are exceptions too. There are some routes like MXP – HKG which usually have 2 First Class Awards.
Another trend that we have noticed that customers tend to wait for days before giving us the go ahead to ticket the itinerary. Quite a few times, the desired award space had disappeared as not all the airlines allow award hold. Decide and let us know as early as possible.
Also customers tend to give us their desired routing and stress that they only want to travel on the desired routing. Yes, we do try to get the desired routing but 90% of the time it is not possible. Airlines like to play musical chairs and we just need to stay a step ahead of them :).

Let’s recap. Plan Early, Decide Early and Book Early.

Safe Travels.

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