Bluebird is one of our favorite avenues beside others to generate some good amount of manufactured spend. American Express has just updated Bluebird’s Terms and Conditions.

Out-of-Network ATM Fees:
Beginning October 30, 2014, the fee for withdrawing funds using out-of-network ATMs will increase from $2.00 to $2.50. ATM operator fees may also apply. It’s not a back breaker but nonetheless an increase.

Free In-Network MoneyPass® ATMs:
Effective immediately, all Bluebird Customers can withdraw funds for free when using in-network MoneyPass ATMs.

ATM Withdrawal Limits Increase:
ATM withdrawal limit has gone up to $750 per day. Remember that not all ATMs will allow $750 to be withdrawn in one transaction. They may limit it to $400 or 500 depending upon the ATM bank and vendor.


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