After months of bickering and going back and forth, we have finally launched a blog/award booking service. We have been avid travelers for years yet limited by ours jobs and vacation hours. We love to travel, experience different cultures and try to absorb as much as possible while remembering the good times and lessons learned. Our experience has helped our friends/families and we want to do the same to our readers. We also want to gain insight from our readers,as there is no restriction on learning new things.

We will document our travel and capture leading industry news as much as possible. We will include reviews from our “Aspirational” trips as well as from our business travel so all of our readers can get a nice balance of reviews from the best resorts to neighborhood corner hotels.

We do have plans to introduce new features to the website as we progress ahead in our adventure as we want Awards & Travel to become a central place for knowledge sharing.

Wish us luck and lets get on this journey together!!!

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